Saturday, November 14, 2009

selling my DSi!!! (good deal)

Hey, everyone. I just want you to know that I am selling my new Nintendo DSi, saved data, stylus, games, charger, carrying case, and game boxes all for $99.99!!! Last time I checked, the Nintendo DSi alone was over $160, and I am giving one and it's accessories to you for only $99.99! The reason I'm selling it is because I am saving up for an Xbox360. I also know that Kamron really wants one (maybe as a Christmas present). The DSi's propertys are:

1. Nintendo DSi Black color
2. "Star Wars the Force Unleashed" game and saved data
3. "Sonic Rush" game and saved data
4. "PictoChat" with rainbow color and black color
5. internet browser
6. DS download play
7. Shopping channel (like Wii)
8. "Guitar Rock Tour" game and saved data (like "Guitar Hero")
9. "Precipice" game and saved data
10. "Flipnote Studio" game and saved data
11. "Asphalt 4: Elite Racing" game and saved data
12. "Mixed Messages" game and saved data
13. "Mario vs. Donkey Kong Minis March Again" game and saved data
14. "Paper Airplane Chase" game and saved data
15. "Nintendo DSi Camera" function and ability to edit photos (draw, morph, etc.)
16. "Nintendo DSi sound" recorder, saved data, and music
17. Ability to change system settings (username, brightness, time, date, etc.)
18. Nintendo DSi charger
19. Nintendo DSi carrying case
20. Nintendo DSi game carrying case

And to think that you could get all of this for just $99.99! Thank you for reading!

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