Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Me Singing "What I've Done" at the Anderson family Reunion

This is me singing at our family reunion in Arizona this past week. My parents said that I did great. So did a lot of other people that were there. I'm not selecting names. That would take to long. Comment please, and tell me what you think. Some people said that they didn't expect me to sing that well, but I did. My mom didn't record enough to see everyone clapping when I was finished. It made me smile and I couldn't make it go away. P.S. I'm sorry I havn't updated my blog for a pretty long time. I'll try to at least once a week from now on.


Ryan and Krissy said...

Jaron you are soo awesome. I wish I lived closer to you. I could listen to you sing everyday! Love you bud!

Michelle Campbell said...

(This is Jaron, not Michelle)
Trust me. it would get old quick. MY mom and dad get annoyed when I sing now because I do it so much

Shelly Benson said...

Jaron that was so cool - you are a great singer!

jessenpetty said...

You ROCK little nephew!!!! Keep up the good work. And is it means anything at all... Auri and Ani HATE me singing around the house. I know how you feel dude! Love you!

Allison said...

Good job Jar! I get mad at Dallan for singing too much also. We are constantly saying, "no singing at the table!"
Keep posting on your blog because I love reading it!
-Aunt Allison